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Work with bases / Jose PGN

Jose PGNLikable crossplatform (written on JAVA) program for work with bases in format PGN.

- Full functional search
- Valuable work with databases
- Automatic ECO classification
- Support of chess engines
- 3D board and dubbing of motions
- Export in PGN, HTML, PDF
- Update over the internet

The program spreads free, on the site of developer it is possible to get distributives for Linux, MACOS, files of dubbing of motions in a few languages, 3D sets and source program codes.
Download last version JOSE PGN

:: Added 16.12.2005

Work with bases / ChessBase review

ChessBase 8.0Famous program of production of of the same name company Chessbase by a faith and true serves already to the not alone generation of both chess-players-professionals and ordinary amateurs. Last for today version - ChessBase 8.0 is "accessible" for a very solid pay on the site of developer. It is there possible download demo-version ChessBase 6.0 free of charge - its basic limitation - the maximal amount of parties in a base must not exceed 8.000.

Also it should be noted that ChessBase 8.0 fully can be pumped out in file exchange networks (~ 14 )
ChessBase 8.0 review

:: Added 01.09.2004

Work with bases / Chess Assistant review
Chess Assistant Other known program, moved forward a company "Dive" and being a valuable alternative ChessBase. A situation with its distribution is similar a product of ChessBase - it is possible to download demo-version or to purchase on a developer's site. Also accessible in file exchange networks.

Last for today version - Chess Assistant 7.1
Chess Assistant 7.1 review

:: Added 01.09.2004

Work with bases / SCID review
SCIDThis product deserves a separate talk, because it unique us the known FREE OF CHARGE expandable program in this class and UNIQUE alternative of ChessBase and Chess Assistant for *nix systems! Developer's site accessible and renewes regularly. SCID no less permanent is perfected, it is really great. Words of gratitude Shane Hudson!

Last for today version - SCID 3.6.1
SCID review

Download Windows version (2,9 Mb)

Download Windows version from ChessZone (2,9 Mb)

:: Added 01.09.2004

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