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Chess Software / Play Chess Software / Arena Chess Shell

Шахматная оболочка Arena Arena - is GUI, graphic shell which supports two protocols of Winboard and UCI. The first versions of shell appeared in December, 2001.

It is possible to consider the godfather of the program Frank Quisinsky, which conducted large work on organization of testing of the first versions of the program, and also on popularization of new shell! Partners were such known original programmers as AnMon - Christian Barreteau (France), Dragon - Bruno Lucas (France), Nejmet - Jean Christophe Gabillard (France) and SOS for Arena - Rudolf Huber (Germany). All of them prepared own versions of UCI of engines.

The distinguishing feature of the program is also, that a shell supports practically all engines of Winboard, and also all engines of UCI valuably. In future an author supposes to develop the tournament block of shell. Partner Arena was become by the author of the strongest free engine Ruffian 1.0.1 - Perola Valfridsson, Sweden, and other partners appeared today!

Download Arena 1,1 (NEW) (2,66 Mb)
(package with 4 engines: Betsy, Chispa, Frenzee и Hermann).

Download complete package Arena 1,1 (NEW) (11,90 Mb)
(complete package, including rendering-engines AnMon, Dragon, Nejmet, SOS for Arena, Ruffian, Hermann и Spike. All translations of menu, all national hymns, base of parties in the format of PGN by Olivier DEVILLE and small debut book by Harry Schnapp are included).

:: Added 11.09.2006

Chess Software / Play Chess Software / Winboard Chess Shell

Chess schell  WinBoardWinboard

If you carry with a chess and there is no WinBoard on your computer until now, it is a serious omission from your side! If, certainly, you do not have more powerful chess software like ChessBase or ChessAssistant.

Winboard is a graphic chess interface for Windows, intended mainly for work with the small chess programs ("engines" such as Crafty, SOS and many other). Winboard allows you to play with these programs, and also to arrange the duels of these programs between itself.

Another dignity: possibility of playing on chess servers, such as, and great number other. In addition you can work with the formats of chess parties of PGN, GAM and positions of FEN.

Original programmer Winboard - Tim Mann, it spreads free of charge.

Download Winboard 4.2.7 (5,4 Mb)

:: Added 11.09.2006

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