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Chess Software / Play Chess Software / Independent Software

Independent Chess SoftwareIt's possible to get the comfortable and pleasant programs for the chess playing, not requiring install of the additional modules and having an independent interface.

If your interest is simply to "play chess game now" - go here.

:: Renewed 28.10.2006

Chess Software / Play Chess Software / Free Chess Engines

Free chess enginesSection "Free chess engines" intended, above all things, for the fans of computer chess and those, who searches a partner for the chess playing stronger. In our list the free engines of level are presented ot grand master to the candidate in masters, so that you can without problems pick up to, that needs exactly you.

Getting engines, not forget to glance in a section free chess shells, and to get a shell (we recommend Arena) for engines.

So, if you search a strong chess partner - go here.

::Renewed 11.09.2006

Chess Software / Play Chess Software / Free Chess Shells

Shell ArenaHere you can get shells to the chess engines. We recommend a comfortable and likable shell Arena.

Choosing a shell for chess engines is possible here.

:: Added 11.09.2006

Chess Software / Play Chess Software / Fritz 9 Review

Chess Fritz 9Article of website admistrator Igor Dergilev meet us with the innovations of the legendary program Fritz 9, by the brainchild of company ChessBase. The first versions of Fritz appeared on light more than 10 years back and since confidently planted leading of oneself at the market of playing chess SOFTWARE, and matches with Kasparov and Kramnik warmed up to them more interest of wide public.

To read the article

::Added 09.10.2006

Chess Software / Play Chess Software / Fritz, Junior, Hiarcs, Shredder Tuning

In this article the authors Oleg Kuryan and Dergilev Igor acquaint us with the major tuning of the strongest now playing chess modules (chess rendering-engines). You know how to change style of game of Fritz or compel Hiarcs to play more aggressive. Press out everything from them, what only is possible!

    Tuning is examined:

  1. Fritz 8
  2. Deep Fritz 8
  3. X3D Fritz
  4. Hiarcs 9
  5. Shredder 8

To read the article

:: Added 11.09.2006

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