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Chess Software / Play Chess Software / Fritz 9 Review

Fritz 9 - review of possibilities

Igor Dergilev

Chess program Fritz 9Analytical module

Frtiz 9 is positioned as the considerably improved module Fritz 8. Thus the new program is a serious weapon against the strongest grand masters of planet, due to strengthening of understanding of strategic and tactical features of position.

Play with Fritz 9

During game there are different variants of help: prompts, coloured notification at dangers, statistician of parties on positions of openings. For a practice chess-player union with the program Fritz a long ago already is a necessity: training on tactics, automatic analysis of games, training modules for an attack, defence, new module "Handicap" for the position training, base of the games in number of million. In a copula with ChessBase 9 is the strongest, professional preparation for a practical game at any level.

Training with grand master

Did you practice some time with grand master? Presently all anymore and anymore appears interactive material in the format of Chess-Media. Now such possibility is and in Fritz 9. (See, for example, material of author Study together with Kasparov the "Queen gambit".

And if you are not able to play a chess in general yet? It may be so. Then a course on chess for beginners with video lessons will be offered to you . Material is done as a photorealistic 3D animation with the witty comments of artist Mattiasa Doytskhmanna. For them, who wishes to diversify the chess leisure the modes of Shakhmaty Fishera and Chess960 will be interesting.

1. New in a 3D animation and sound:

  • 3D Chess turk
    Fritz 9 - Chess turk

  • 3D Figure of Maya
    Fritz 9 - Maya

  • 3D Stereo-Surround Sound - support of stereo-accompaniment on all boards

  • New humorous saying on motion of party from an artist Mattias Doytskhmann

  • Optimized module of graphic presentation, on basis DirectX9.

2. New in the chess module:

  • New, based on knowledge, very strong chess engine: Fritz 9

  • Upgrated positional comments in actual positions

  • New forms of training in an attack and defence with the deep estimation of position
    Interface Fritz 9

  • New function "Handicap" for the practical training of positional playing

  • Window of estimation of position with an arithmetic depth

  • Automatic playing of games

  • Alternative engines for the modes of Fisher's chess and Chess960

  • Chess courses for beginners (Chess-Media System format)

3. New functions for playing on a server

  • Plan of measures: list of actual events call of which simply click on a mouse.

  • Multiboard: comfortable presentation to 9 parties in one window. For example, for a command game or choice of the most interesting games in tournaments at online translations.
    Multiboard Fritz 9

  • Possibility to play Fisher's Chess, Chess960, etc.

  • Calls with addition time on motion (increment).

  • Mode of automatic track after the strongest player in a playing area.

  • Search of chess-players with ranks in all playing halls

  • The reflection of heading of tournaments is improved

  • Extended information about partners: rating of Elo, listeners of channels, friends in the mode on-line, players with titles in on-line

  • "Who lives here" is information about the location of chess-players and actual information about a weather on the interactive map of the world.
    World map Fritz 9

  • Picture of player - information is shown in a list

  • Emotional icons in a chat and new chat-indicator

  • other insignificant improvements.
4. Fritz 9 - progress trend

  • Support themes of Windows XP

  • New boards and backgrounds

  • New type of map of the world

  • Direct access to training and video databases

Systems requirements

Minimum: Pentium 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, DVD-ROM, Windows Media Player 9.

Recommended: Pentium III 2,2 GHz or higher, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP, GeForce5 128 MB and more, 100% DirectX compatible sound card, Windows Media Player 9, DVD-ROM.

:: Added 09.10.2006

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