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Corr Chess
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Free Chess School ChessZone

Free Chess School Online - Free chess school Huge amount of rare ebooks, annotated games, software, all for free!

Free Chess School Online

Games Databases
Over 3 mln downloadable chess games.
Annotated chess databases and art strips
Jaan van Reek's homepage.
Lars Balzer's games download link collection
Lars Balzer's games download link collection. All for free!

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Corr Chess
International Email Chess Group
An Email correspondence chess website IECG.
International Email Chess Club
An Email correspondence chess club IECC.
International Email Chess Group Newsletter
International Email Chess Group Newsletter.
The Correspondence Chess Place
The Correspondence Chess Place.
Gambit Chess - S.E.M.I.� Play email chess!
Italian email chess server.
Correspondence Chess Server
Another one great server for correspondence chess players.

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Official Sites
FIDE Official Site
FIDE Official Site.
ICCF Official Site
ICCF Official Site.
ICGA official website
The official Internet Computer Games Association website.
Romanian Chess
Romanian chess federation.
Braille Chess Association
British Association of Visually Handicapped Chess Players.
Scottish Correspondence Chess Association
Scottish Correspondence Chess Association.
Correspondence Chess League of America Official Web Site
Correspondence Chess League of America Official Web Site.
Ukrainian chess federation
Ukrainian chess federation.

First Saturday Chess Tournament Series. Official website of worldwide known chess tournament series for GM, IM norm and ELO rating in Budapest, Hungary.

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Chess Stores
Chess Direct Ltd
Online chess catalogue and shop.
Chess Central
ChessCentral-Buy Chess Sets and Chess Software, Download Chess Software Free!Chess Games to Download, Chesss for Kids, and Chess E-Book Downloads. As the chess software experts we have chess software for playing as well as chess software for training and database management. Improve your chess moves with chess rules, chess strategy, chess openings and tips.
My Chess Set
Offering a wide variety of chess sets, boards, individual chess men, clocks, chess tables and components.
Chess sets and chess accessories - Wooden chess sets from Europe and India. Brass chess sets from Greece. And electronic chess sets from the United States. - chess ebooks store.

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Chess Software
HIARCS Chess Software for PC, Mac, Palm and Pocket PC
World class computer chess software programs with superb features for beginners and Grandmasters alike.

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Chess Education
Chessville: meeting a wide variety of chess-related needs, including instruction and advice, a huge and clearly-organized collection of chess links, downloads, reviews, trivia and history, a discussion forum, an online chess league, and more!
Chess Puzzles
10,000 Instructive Diagrams: What's the winning move?
Free Chess Lessons
Online Chess Games, Chess Learning
Download to learn chess online at IchessU! The #1 place for learning chess in an interactive way! Download Chess learning platform to help you to learn & play chess in a class room style with the chess mentors through their multi-path real-time interactive virtual classroom.
Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day
Like chess? Well, everyday you will find here new free chess problems. Looking for logic puzzles, free chess strategiesor tactics? Come on!
Chess Openings - Chess Opening Analysis, Theory, Links.
Alekhine Game Of The Week
Ossimitz: chess tactics collections
Great chess puzzles collections.
Solving Chess
This page is dedicate to solving of chess problems.
Chess Corner
A complete chess resource containing a comprehensive chess tutorial, book and software reviews, find a chess opponent to practise skills, discussion forum and much more.
Chess Learning, Download Chess, Online Chess Lessons is an international chess university and a place to meet chess masters and grandmasters. Ichessu provides chess lessons by real teachers and grandmasters online and offers chess courses for any age, chess level or budget.
GM Aveskulov's Chess School
Private lessons by a former Ukraine chess champion, one of regular ChessZone Magazine annotators Valery Aveskulov.
Chess Problems
Free chess tactics lessons. website with opening ebooks available after subscription.

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Play Chess Online
One of the best play online chess severs.
Chess Planet
Great Russian chess server. Dozens of top seed playrs including GM's and IM's. Do not miss! World Online Chess
Play chess games worldwide with real players, totally free. No restrictions.

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Chess News
Live chess news, results, videos and other stuff.
Live chess coverage by GM Shipov. For Russian-speaker users only unfortunately.
The Grandmaster`s Club
The First Club Of Chess Grandmasters. The top chess news headlines on current events.
Great chess news resource. Dozens of annotated games!
Greece chess news.

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Chess Talk
Forum KasparovChess
The best Russian chess forum including top seed playrs like Shirov, Krasenkov, Shipov and others.

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Harmen Jonkman's Chess Calendar with lots of Tournaments!
Harmen Jonkman's Chess Calendar with lots of Tournaments!
Chess Games & Artists @
Learn about 3D Chess and Video chess games, Chinese Chess Games, Best Chess Sets, Chess Pieces, Chess Players and more.
Chebache - New Strategy Board Game
Uniting Chess, Backgammon, Checkers and more!

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