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Section "Openings" contains the bases of games on the separate charts of debuts, called to help in mastering or deepening of the cognitions in the popular and perspective chess opening systems.

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Parties of chess-players of level 2500 are selected, material is assorted on variants, that will help not only come up to the study of unknown chart, but also to make a whole picture about the debut system.

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Personals (games of prominent chess-players)

In the section "Personals" collections of games of world champions from Steynits and to Kasparov are collected. Many games are commented, select parties are accessible for online-screening

Especially it should be noted wonderful bases with notes in Russian language on the books of Fisher "My 60 memorable games" and Smyslov "Select games", prepared by Vasily Lebedev.

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A section "Training" unique: the bases of training exercises are published here, games and fragments, that have a methodical value, in our view.

Bases on tactic are now accessible and also ChessBase version of Kotov's book "Secrets of thought of chess-player" and classic labour M. Eyve and K. Kramer "Middlegame", many fragments of which are supplied wonderful trainings questions, allows to study this work deeper .

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Tournaments and matches

A new section "Tournaments and matches" contains commented games of tournaments and matches, defining development of chess art on many years ahead. It is here possible to find the bases of commented games of matches of world championship, championships of USSR and other important competitions.

Bases are prepared by Vasily Lebedev on the basis of collections of tournaments and matches, collections of select parties and other literature.

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